The Exes.

The Ex

The Ex and I were together for the better part of 4 years. We were high school sweethearts, if you want to call it that. He pressured me into a big life decision that some days I’m still not sure was entirely right for me, broke up with me shortly after so that he could “sleep with other people,” and yes that is an exact quote.
After our break up we made the very adult decision to remain friends since almost all of our friends were mutual and we didn’t want to make things weird. Slowly over time I began to find things out about what was going on behind my back while we were together.
It wasn’t pretty and it hurt.
It was painful.

We moved forward. Still friends.

We remained as such until a New Year’s party at my house when he, violently, decided that he no longer approved of me having a date at my own party (The Dad).

He cheated a handful of times and I continued to forgive him – for whatever reason.
The last time I gave him a chance I found out that he was with somebody and had been cheating on her with me.
That was the last straw and the last time I saw him or heard from him until he served me with court papers months later attempting to gain custody of my son. I still don’t have an explanation for that last one other than him being completely nuts.

The Mirage

He was an older man and a supervisor (not mine) at the company I worked for.
I went into it completely upfront that I had no intention of it lasting past the summer and he claimed to have fallen in love with me by then.
He wanted me to move in with him and marry him so I spontaneously moved more than halfway across the province.
Away from him, The Ex and The Dad.
I needed some space and time to think.
I found some answers between classes and Tequila Tuesdays but moved home with a whole new set of issues to work out.
I didn’t want to go back to my old job, working with him so I quit.
In the end I’d discover that while he’s as faithful and loyal as you could hope someone to be, he also had a drinking problem, a rough legal background and some big financial problems. So I’m glad that I went with my gut and walked away when I did.


My most recent serious relationship.
We were together – casually and then exclusively – for almost 6 years. We raised The Little Dude together, and I moved clear across the province to be with him. While we were living together he cheated on me – long story short, I moved back home while we tried to work things out but work, they did not.

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