Mister Mama, Sir?

Who am I?

That’s a question I ask myself every day.

To sum it up I am 26 years old, a dating single mother with a beautiful son, who has been my joy and love for the last five years.

I blog about life, love and lengthy conversations with myself.

I am a print designer by trade, running a couture print design studio.
I have a passion for print and a passion for paper like you wouldn’t believe.
The first time I caught myself getting giddy over the texture of a sheet of text weight in a paper store I knew I was following my heart into the perfect career.

Mommy & entrepreneur all wrapped up in one eccentric, sane (on most days) being.
I’m kooky and enthusiastic – never afraid to say what’s on my mind and really don’t give a shit what anybody thinks about it.
I’m crass, swear like a sailor and make a conscious effort to do good in the world around me.
I’m easily frustrated and quick to recognize the potential in anyone and anything.

Love me for who I am, not who you want me to be and if you can’t then at least be upfront and honest about it and I’ll still have respect for you.

I’ve been in the blogosphere for as long as I can remember – as far back as the ninth grade with my very crude live journal posts, eventually moving onto blogger and now wordpress where, for a long time, I spent a serious amount of time (4 ish years) blogging as Singlemominthecity.ca

I’ve spent the last year on a public blogging hiatus, dealing with life and love and just trying to figure things out.

Now I’m back and I’m glad to be here.

When I came back and decided that I needed to blog in a public forum again after so long I originally went straight back to my old domain and tried to get back into it but I just couldn’t.
Eventually I realized that my old persona just didn’t fit me anymore and it was time to move on.

I don’t know if you know this but, picking a username and a blog name has to be the hardest effing decision in THE WORLD.
Okay, not really, but it was hard and I don’t know why I even thought of Mister Mama, Sir but it did feel right and at least there’s a story behind it!
Well, not so much a story but I didn’t just make it up on my own – my three year old (who is now 5) did.

He calls me Mister Mama.
THAT is his nickname for me.
No rhyme or reason as he understands that men are misters and women are misses and such.
I asked him to pick up his toys tonight before he went to bed and he sighed, very annoyed, and said “Oh okaaaay, Mister Mama, Siiiiiirrrrrrrr.”
But I have to say that it does make me laugh every time I hear him call me that and I think that it will give me a reminder every time I log in to blog that not every post has to be full of negativity and frustration to be posted and to send some laughter and smiles out into the world wide web.


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