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Workout Of The Day #004: “Up, Up, Upper Body Workout”

I know I’ve said this before, but I’m going to say it again: I think the sexiest part of a woman is a nicely toned back – and I know that a lot of time I prefer to work my core and hope that a toned back is byproduct of that workout but I do think it’s really important to include a regular upper body workout. It helps to tone not only my back but my shoulders, chest and my arms – all areas of my body that I really tend to neglect because, let’s face it, I can be a little lazy and incredibly stubborn and upper body exercises are nowhere near my favourite thing to do. With this I really have to talk myself into getting it done, whereas with something like leg and glute exercises I’ll jump right in because I enjoy doing them. (Squats>pushups. lol)


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