30 Days of Truth / me

Day 02 : Something you love about yourself.

This one is fairly easy, compared to the rest of the list.

Something I love about myself is how organized I am.
It’s really not by choice, but I am very organized and regimented.
I write everything down, schedule everything and I make lists.

Don’t even get me started on the lists.

I write a list for everything – I have my to-do lists, my workout list, my housework list, grocery lists, lists of meals for the week, The LD’s to-do list, lists of phone calls and emails to send, lists of appointments – and it goes on and on. I’ve always liked to write lists, for as long as I can remember, but in the last few years it’s become more of a necessity than a choice. I was in a bad car accident about 6 years ago and suffered a concussion. Ever since then, it’s been next to impossible for me to remember anything – couple that with motherhood and I’m pretty much Dory.
Not that I forget absolutely everything of course but if it isn’t on my list, there is no guarantee it will get done.
It probably seems like the normal, busy person, kind of forgetfulness but to illustrate my point:
My son has been in full-day kindergarten since September and he takes a bus every morning and every afternoon.
I am the only person that drops him off and picks him up and I still have to check the fridge, every other time I do it, to see what time I have written down.
I’ve gone to the same place, at the same time, for the last 7 months and still have to check to see what time I need to leave the house.
On the flip side, I remember directions like a boss.
Drive somewhere once, and I won’t forget it.

I’m going to sound ridiculous but I organize and schedule everything.
The LD has a list of house rules on the refrigerator and a schedule on his bedroom wall that details what I expect him to do and what time it is to be done – from brushing his teeth, to cleaning his room and bedtime.
My bookcase is organized by category and subcategory. My movies are separated from The LD’s movies and both are alphabetized. His toys are separated by category into different buckets and on different shelves.
Clothes aren’t just separated by “pants” and “tops,” oh it goes much further than that.
Ridiculously further, I’ve been told.

I have two baskets for my bills, paid and unpaid.
In my work area: ribbons are sorted by size and colour, paper is sorted by type and then alphabetized. (A lot less ridiculous than it sounds once you realize how many different kinds of paper I have.)
I love to label things.

Full disclosure: I had to go through and delete some of what I wrote because I sound so ridiculously ocd.

That isn’t to say there isn’t some clutter – of course there is, I live in a tiny bungalow with a 4-year-old, a cat whose past-time is knocking things off of tables and pulling things off of walls, but I like to consider it all organized chaos.

I think my lists are ridiculous and my penchant for scheduling things like meals and a workout for a specific time during the day is ridiculous, but that’s just how I am, and it works for me and makes having the chaotic life of a single parent and business owner a little bit easier.
I love it!


4 thoughts on “Day 02 : Something you love about yourself.

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  2. I write lists too 🙂 I don’t know where I’d be without my paper diary (online diary is a nightmare – I forget it exists). I started using one when I fell pregnant and realised my brain was no longer working! Now as a parent, it’s still my organiser of choice! I like to not only write down what time I have to do something, but what time I’ll have to set my alarm for and what time I should actually leave home.
    I think I write lists and plan things to the nth degree more because I am actually naturally very chaotic – it’s my coping mechanism!

    • I think your last sentence was dead on! I’m the same way!
      Being organized isn’t something that comes very naturally to me – it’s more a skill that I use to have control over the chaos in my life.
      It takes a lot of practice!

  3. That is a good skill to have. I am pretty unorganized in general…but then again I don’t really own very many things or have that many things to do so my life is sorta un-cluttered anyways.

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