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Because I know y’all wanna hear me ramble on about my vacation at 2AM

Since I keep writing blog posts that I never publish I figure I’d write a fluff post, just to have something new up on the ‘ol blog.

I took a 10 day vacation last month so you all get stuck with a photo dump.

The purpose of the vacation was actually for a friend’s wedding that I was standing up in. The vacation was more stressful than it was relaxing and honestly, I’ve felt like need a vacation ever since that “vacation.”
I flew out to Texas for a night and then to Miami a couple days early, because I had some personal business to take care of before I left on the cruise ship, and the carry-on bag that I packed SO carefully and ended up having to be checked at the gate ended up in Orlando and didnt make it to Miami until 4:30 AM the day after I got there. My wallet, credit cards, ALREADY PAID FOR hotel reservations and shoes that weren’t the 5 inch heels I wore on the plane were all in that bag. Which meant I couldn’t go anywhere, do anything, change, or check in to my hotel in Miami.
Big shout out to the staff at the Hilton in Killeen that let me check into my room without my ID and credit card because they remembered me from my last stay. Woo.
Did I mention I was wearing a sweater dress, heels, and a winter coat? Way more than what I needed for the weather in both Florida and Texas.

Thanks, Delta.

I ended up having to call my Dad (a post for another day, in and of itself) to pick me up from the Miami airport and ended up crashing on the pullout couch at my Grandma’s place in her little retirement community – really, it was not what I’d had in mind when I planned a few extra days of vacation.

It really wasn’t all that terrible once I adjusted to the whole “oh, hey dad, haven’t seen you in 9 years” awkward tension.


When I did eventually make it on to the cruise ship it really didn’t take long for me to figure out that I probably wasn’t going to enjoy my trip.
It occurred to me, 30 minutes into the Atlantic Ocean, as I spent some quality time in the Lido Deck bathroom, puking my pretty little heart out, that I’m not the cruising kind of person.
I do get motion sickness in cars but being out on the water has never really bothered me so I was really unprepared to be so sick.

Sidenote: If you’re ever sick on a cruise ship, don’t head to the gym for a workout – running on the treadmill will make it significantly worse.

We had terrible weather every day until the second last day.

This is what it looks like to sail into a storm when you're on vacation.

There was nothing that I really enjoyed other than the food (holy amazeballs!) and the piano bar.
Oh and they played the NFL playoffs on a gigantic tv outside on the Lido Deck. That was pretty awesome.
The shows were always full, the casino was filled with cigarette smoke and I just found it really hard to let go and enjoy myself.
It was almost claustrophobic.

The tender from the ship to the port in Grand Cayman

My absolute favourite part of the trip, by far, was the day we spent in Grand Cayman.
I got to separate myself from the group for the day and just go do things that I enjoyed.
I relaxed on the beach, snorkled, got some sun, sampled some *amazing* rum and tried some new food!

Speaking of food – it was so hard not to overdo it on the ship. Every night was something new and delicious.
The best part of the menu in the dining room was the “Didja Ever Wanna Try” section.
Every night they had something different and I HAD to try it.
Some things I’d had before, some things I hadn’t but it was like a challenge I couldn’t pass up.
I wish I’d taken photos of the food because I cannot remember everything and desperately wish I could!

There was duck, escargots, frog legs, and alligator fritters on the ship – not to mention the jerk chicken in Jamaica and the turtle steaks in the Caymans.

I met a man in Grand Cayman that came on vacation one year, married his wife there and then they ended up moving there shortly after their vacation. Now he lives there with his wife and two boys and runs a store selling NFL merchandise,  His story made it really hard for me not to sign a 5 year lease on a house on the beach and send for the LD.
I was so tempted not to come home. lol

Speaking of Jamaica and Grand Cayman: I had no idea that’s where we were going. When we booked it we were supposed to be going to Grand Turk, Ochos Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Or something like that. T changed her mind so much and so often that by the time I showed up at the Miami Port the only place I knew we were stopping at for sure was Ochos Rios – since that is where the wedding was.

ANYWAYS, I went on a boat, went to a wedding and then I went home.
The conclusion I’ve come to is that even the most relaxed brides turn into bridezillas on their wedding days and that I’d much rather be on a beach than a boat. Well, I’d much rather be on a beach than a cruise ship.

The end.


4 thoughts on “Because I know y’all wanna hear me ramble on about my vacation at 2AM

  1. Wow…I’m really sorry to hear that your cruising experience was such a bad one, especially knowing how great a time that Sunshine and I had last year.

    Did you talk to anyone on board about your sea sickness? Cruise ships normally have really great medicines for that.

    But that wouldn’t have helped the weather, though. Eesh.

    Ummm…those are quite the bridesmaids dresses, too.

  2. Honey, I had a fantastic time with you on the cruise.

    Next time, please don’t vomit quite so much and we will have even more fun.

    Also, quit trying to make me dance naked on the lido deck! You are just too much. Cuuhhrazy!


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