Blogger Bingo

I’d like to say I’m not just blogging right now because I told myself I would at least once a week but I can’t. Not entirely.
It’s kind of a filler post but I’m travelling at the moment (lots to blog about so far, oh boy!) and it’s definitely something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

A few years ago, a couple weeks shy of 2 years actually, Jim at Depot Dad wrote a post recapping his first year of blogging and at the end of it he included a single parent blogger bingo card that he was using to keep track of all the bloggers he wanted to meet and those that he had already. It makes me sad that I’ll never get to meet him but I was really honoured to be included on his card and it’s always been in the back of my mind that I’d like to do something similar – so here it is!

In no particular order, and definitely not all encompassing, here are the links to the people on my card:
Kingdom of 4
Canadian Bald Guy
Momma Sunshine
Tee’s Quest
The Observationalist NYC
QT Mama
Random Esquire
Gnight Girl
Wed or Dead Wager
Cocktails at Tiffany’s
Cogito Ergo Blog
Ms. Brookie
This Broken Heart Has Hope
Single Mom Seeking
MH at Ash Multimedia
This Mom’s Mission
Scribblings of a Soccer Mom
My Tornado Alley
2 Hotchtics 1 le Blog
Kid to Grown Up

Really Jennie
The lil Devil Mama
Love and the Single Girl

If I missed anybody’s link let me know! It’s 2 am and I’m too exhausted to see it myself!

So who would be on your blogger bingo card?


15 thoughts on “Blogger Bingo

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  2. I love this idea!! So cute! And I made the card … sweet! We live in the same country but so so far a part. I’m in your part of the country at least every second year visiting friends in the area. There’s no expiry on this card is there?? πŸ˜‰

  3. This is a fantastic idea! I’ve only just started meeting blogger friends but so far I’ve met Ms. Brookie, This Broken Heart Has Hope, and Inris (It Never Rains in Seattle). Soon I hope to be meeting some more, provided our meet-up’s go as planned!

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