Trolling for Controversy?

To the miserable man that keeps emailing me and trolling my blog:

If you have enough of a guilty conscience that you feel the need to repeatedly comment and email me about why I’m wrong and how I would never understand then maybe the problem isn’t with my opinion. Maybe the problem is dealing with your own guilt.
I write about things that I’m working out in my own head, not to call anybody out on their behaviour – except maybe the man I wrote about, who doesn’t read my blog anyway.

I blog because I enjoy it and you’re really starting to take all of the fun out of it. Comments like yours are exactly the reason I moderate. I don’t do it to refrain from posting opinions that disagree with my own – I do it so that comments like yours, that are extremely distasteful, rude and a little violent, do not have to be posted and the general public doesn’t have to be subjected to them.

Call me a bad person, a bad mother and all the nasty names you can think of – I don’t care.
Being a single parent doesn’t make me a bad person, or a bad parent.
You don’t know much about me and I know that you don’t read my blog since you keep referring to my “divorce.”

If I think that cheating on your spouse, or your significant other, is a big “fuck you” to them and your relationship – that is my opinion to have.
If you want to voice your disagreement with me, do so on your own platform – not mine.

I never once said that cheating on someone made you a bad person.
There are a lot of reasons and circumstances under which it happens.
To quote my last post:

I know people who have had them, I’ve unknowingly been a part of them, and I understand why they happen.
I genuinely hope I’m not offending anyone, but it doesn’t change my opinion.

I stand by that.

It is not my job to clear your guilty conscience and make you feel better about the life decisions you make that I disagree with.
As far as I know, I don’t even know you.

So get over it, and get on with your life.


I made a promise to myself
Locked it away deep down inside
Told my heart we’d wait it out
Swore we’d never compromise
Oh I’d rather be alone
Like I am tonight
Than settle for the kind of love
That fades before the morning light

12 thoughts on “Trolling for Controversy?

  1. What a jerk! Something’s obviously seriously wrong with his life or else he wouldn’t feel the need to try to hurt you. Stay true to yourself. That’s what we love about you!

  2. WTH?! I’m sorry you’re dealing with that. I had a troll once on Twitter…it sucked! I finally blocked and moved on. She’s still on there and I just avoid. Some people just suck. You’re an awesome mother…never let anyone make you feel bad about that!

  3. Good for you! This is your blog and you can say whatever the hell you want. That crap ruined blogging for me a few years ago when creeps would bomb your blog with rude comments. Being a single parent isn’t easy, I’m most impressed you find time to blog also.

    • The only time I find to blog is late at night after my work is done and the little dude is in bed!
      But some nights I have more than one post in me and I just save it to publish later when I don’t have much time to write.

      I really don’t mind having somebody voice their opinions, even if they’re opposite of mine but I don’t think comments that are rude and irrelevant are necessary. That’s where I draw a line. It’s a fine line – but it’s there.

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