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Moving On: Keep Calm and Carry On

This last week has been.. wow.
A whirlwind?
A chaotic whirlwind of knowledge and activity…

Monday started with news that a cousin had passed away, a victim of a drug overdose.
Wednesday morning I got the news that my 18 year old sister has a suspicious lump in her breast.
If you read my blog.. then you have an idea of how the rest of the week went.

Thankfully, the lump is nothing to be worried about, we’re told. So, there’s that.

With everything that’s been going on since September.. sometimes it feels like I am constantly bombarded with negative things.
I don’t want the negativity and the stress of last week (or the last few months even) to carry over into this week so I’m going to blog a brief list about some of the things that made me smile and a couple of things that made my week:

  • Warmer weather. Even if only for just over 48 hours, it still counts. There’s something about sunshine that just soothes the soul.
  • The little dude. Never fails – even when he’s driving me crazy he’s still making me laugh.
  • I stumbled upon a little house for rent. I was hoping to buy rather than rent but I kind of need some personal space sooner rather than later. I found the ad online and I’ve emailed them – just waiting to hear back.
  • Drinks, gossip and a good time out with my girls.
  • Being able to sit outside and enjoy the rain for an evening… I love the rain.
  • Text messages.

    Who wouldn’t want to wake up and go to sleep to messages like that?
    And when someone is being a troll and leaving nasty comments on your blog: 

    And when you’re throwing around ideas in your head for a blog post:

    You know who you are. Thanks for making my last week, and the last little bit, way better.

  • Tattoos. There’s been one I’ve been thinking about getting for the last two years – this week I made an appointment and I will be freshly inked up, just in time to call it a birthday present to myself.
  • Work. I’m glad that I do something I love that makes other people happy. Something that means I can be home to play with the little dude and that allows me so much freedom and flexibility.
  • Tina – for making sure I get my ass out of bed for the gym and work twice as hard, every single morning. By the time we finish our workout everyday I don’t think she’s as thankful she met me at the gym but I sure am! lol
  • I bought a new Orchid for my office. And I think it is bee-YOU-tiful!
  • My co-parenting relationship with The Dad seems to have gotten past all of the odd weirdness we had going on in January (February maybe?) and it’s back to normal.

I said I would keep it brief, so I’ll leave it at that..
Just a little reminder to myself that there are positive things everywhere and a great way to start this week off.

Happy Monday everybody!
Remember to keep smiling – I know I will.

Or I'll just keep doing this. Either one.

P.S.: I stumbled upon this article while I was doing some industry research this weekend and I want to pass it on in hopes that someone out there can help. I’m kind of a romantic..
Click, read, pass it on.


12 thoughts on “Moving On: Keep Calm and Carry On

  1. I’m in the liking department for the house as well. It looks super cozy, but maybe that’s the snow and fireplace thing. Let’s hope you can rent that sucker.

    Happy to hear the co-parenting is working out pretty well. That has to be tough since that’s a huge reason so many couples stay together. Must be nice to put your mind a bit at ease with this.

    Tattoo? Nice, I’m too much of a wimp for one of those. I almost feel it makes more of a statement to not have one these days, but that’s just me. Finally, I dig your picture with this post. How can anyone not smile after seeing your silly mug shot?

  2. Ummmm…who is being mean to you? Do I need to kick some ass? Yep, the house is adorable, the orchid is pretty, and you girl are beautiful!!!

  3. Sounds like you’re doing some carrying on just fine. Glad your sister is going to be fine too, that always helps.

    Yeah, that house looks nice and cozy, except for the snow part. I’m a Florida boy so snow scares me. Wimpy, I know.

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