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25 Things I Don’t Like: A Little More Fodder.

So to compliment the 25 Random Facts About Me post (which I can’t link to using my phone) that I started my started my weekend trip up north with I am going to finish the visit off with a 25 Things I Don’t Like post.
I cannot confirm whether it is related to events from this past weekend and it isn’t an indication of how my weekend went, just some observations about myself and what irks me.

1: I do not like when people take on the responsibility of being a pet owner but don’t take the time to 1) actually care for their pet(s) and 2) clean up after their pets so that their homes are livable.
I’m pretty allergic to pet dander but when I had my dog and even my cat it never bothered me to have them in the house – because I cleaned up after them and made sure they were taken care of.
I moved out of the house I shared with two good friends in college because they couldn’t do basic things like vacuum pet hair off the furniture/floor and clean litter boxes/take their dog outside to use the bathroom.
The girl that lived upstairs had two cats and used the spare room as their “bathroom.” Rather than clean the littler boxes out she would just leave them there and buy a new one.
The girl that lived downstairs (I lived on the middle floor) was too lazy to take her giant dog outside for bathroom breaks and never walked him.
I was disgusted and couldn’t live there any longer.
If you can’t/won’t/don’t know how to care for a living thing you shouldn’t have one.

2: I don’t like when people say they are going to do something and then don’t. If you can’t/don’t want to then just speak up.

3: I don’t like when people think that what I do is a joke of some sort. I love what I do. I cannot stress that enough.
I don’t think it’s funny when people think being in business for myself is amusing.
I work really hard on everything I do and maybe it is just playing on the computer and playing with paper to some people but to me it’s a lot more than that.
I second guess myself enough – I don’t need other people doing it for me too.
“what have you been up to lately?” “you know, the usual, just working” “oh you got a real job?” = not funny thankyouverymuch.

4: People that drive like assholes.
Weaving in and out of traffic and cutting me off so closely I need to slam on my brakes isn’t going to get you where you need to get any faster than it would driving like a normal person, especially if you cause an accident doing it.
I know that for a fact because you got to the mall at the same time we did!

5: Men who try to pick me up in bars.
I haven’t gone out to the bar specifically to meet a man since The Ex and I broke up when I was 19. When I go out it’s because I’m enjoying time out with my friends and while it’s nice to have a cute man flirting with you I’m not really interested.

6: Men from #5 that just can’t take a hint.

7: Girls that want to go out to the bar specifically to get guys to buy their drinks for them. This goes hand in hand with people that just use people in general.

8: People that expect you to do and think whatever they would like. If I don’t want to do something that is my prerogative. I don’t appreciate being bossed around and I become more adamant about not doing things the more somebody tries to force it to happen. I’m strong willed and stubborn. I have my own opinions, thoughts and ideas and I don’t need anyone else forcing theirs on me just because they think they are right.

9: Horror-Story-Sharers.
“Pregnant with identical twins, eh? My friend of a friend of a friend was pregnant with identical twins once and not only did one of them DIE the other one was born disfigured with a leg on it’s head, three extra toes and blue hair! You must be so terrified!”
Seriously, go fuck yourself.

10: Negativity.
I’m really not enjoying writing this post like I thought I would because it feels like it’s one negative thing after another and it’s kind of bringing me down. LOL

11: I don’t like having to repeat myself all the time and feeling like I’m not being listened to and I don’t like when people tell me something, have clarified that I’ve heard them and then tell me a few more times. It’s just a pet peeve I have and another thing karma is using my three year old to get back at me with. His favourite game? The repeating game.

12: Ignorant people with strong opinions on things they aren’t educates on or knowledgeable about. They fall under the category of stupid people I’d rather not associate with.

13: Racist attitudes. People who choose to spread hate and endorse stereotypes. I don’t think the jokes are funny and I don’t like the blind ignorance fueling it. These people also fall under the category of stupid people I’d rather not associate with.

14: Judgmental people.
I will leave that one open for interpretation.

15: I hate when people who don’t actually care about what is going on in your life want to know every teeny tiny detail about it. The people who love drama and are going to talk about you as soon as you’ve left the room. If you don’t care then don’t ask because I don’t really want to tell you.

16: Cold feet and socks.
I hate when my feet are cold but I hate wearing socks. It’s a lose lose situation. Even when I lived in North Bay (on campus) I’d wear sandals from my townhouse to class.

17: Spiders.
It was listed in my last post but it’s significant enough that it’s worth another mention.

18: Facebook drama. If you’re going to argue with someone or be upset with someone don’t make it a public spectacle. I’m a (relatively) private person so I cringe every time I see a couple, or even friends, arguing in such a public forum.

19: Toothpaste or mouthwash that is anything but minty. My mouth just doesn’t feel as clean.

20: Mint in anything but my toothpaste/mouthwash. As an herb, I don’t like it. If a recipe calls for it I’ll use it but I’ll pick it out of my portion.
When I was growing up we grew mint in our garden and the scent was so strong it made me feel sick to my stomach and I think that’s why I can’t stand it now.

21: Cheesy pick up lines. A man that is confident enough to just walk up and say hi to you is a million times more attractive than someone that hides behind a cheesy line. The worst two that I recall ever being used on me: “How much does a polar bear weigh? (Enough to break the ice!)” and “Would you like to see my Italian sausage?”
The last one didn’t even try. He just skipped right to his penis.

22: Liars. Big or small.

23: The fact that I talk/type so much. Whether it’s here or in a text I just can’t write something without writing an explanation about it. I’m an explainer. It isn’t necessary most of the time. lol

24: How much music affects me emotionally. I love good music. A great song can make me happy just as easily as one can make me cry. (okay, I guess this one could go either way)

25: Mouth noises. Chewing, slurping, spitting etc.


One thought on “25 Things I Don’t Like: A Little More Fodder.

  1. I’ve Unfriended people for number 18. If you are pissed at your ex-boyfriend, I don’t want to read a one-sided story of it on Facebook. It’s stupid and reminds me of grade school. I thought you were going to stop this list after number 10, but glad you completed the list. Honestly, why do people give you shit about running your business? It’s not easy.

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