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25 Random Facts About Me: Blog Fodder

I’m sitting on a train right now writing this quick filler post up simply because, well I have another 4 hours to kill and I probably won’t find any time to blog again this weekend.
I’m definitely phoning it in but at least I’m owning it up to it and, hey, maybe it’ll even be interesting!

25 Random Facts About Me

1: The song ‘Hey There, Delilah.’
I love this song. I think it is simple and beautifully written.
I’ve played it probably half a million times.
My friend Tom ruined it for me when he told me it reminded him of me and only recently, more than 4 years later have I been able to actually let it play through completely when it comes up on my playlist.
A lot of my favourite songs are favorites based on the lyrics and the lyrics of that song do not remind me of him. It ruined the song for me knowing that they made him think of me.

2: I don’t like milk. It leaves a terrible taste in my mouth when I drink it and I have so desire whatsoever to drink it other than the rare craving for it – even then it has to be skim milk.
That being said, I will gladly drink a glass of chocolate milk and cook with milk.

3: I love coffee and I like it strong. When I’m at home I drink it black BUT when I’m out I take it half hot chocolate half coffee, and I’ll take a skinny vanilla latte over a Starbucks coffee any day. I hate starbucks coffee.

4: I love storms. One of my favourite things to do in the summer is sit on the deck and enjoy a good thunderstorm. I find it relaxing and almost soothing.
It makes me feel like an old lady lol
I am also fascinated by some kinds of extreme weather, like tornados. I think they’re amazing.

5: I have grey hair. Not enough that anyone else would notice but enough that I make sure to colour it every few weeks.

6: I hate spiders. I won’t even get into the explanation of this one but yes, there is a reason.


7: I have had the same two best friends since before the 9th grade (almost 12 years now,) Brian and Kelly. The three of us aren’t close like we used to be but I’m still best friends with both of them.

8: When I was younger (not much) I didn’t believe in settling (still don’t) and I’d have no problem breaking up with someone, or just not dating them for any reason, big or small, that didn’t fit into my life.
The summer before the little dude was born I broke up with someone because he didn’t eat vegetables. At all. Not even one kind.
He ate steak and rice for dinner every single night and my thought process behind the breakup was simply that, I like to cook. If we were ever in a serious, long term relationship or decided to get married, I would never be able to cook for him. That’s something I like sharing with someone I care about and didn’t like the compromise.
Karma has come back to bite me in the form of a three year old that refuses to eat anything not made out of bread.

9: I’m a semi-workaholic. I work a lot when I have the free time to do it because I like to be able to just take off and do what I want when I want. I’ll work well into the night after the little dude is in bed so that I can afford to start late in the morning, post-gym and post-cartoon/play time.
Plus I’ve been working extra hard lately to pay for a “way more expensive than I really need” vacation this summer. Which brings me to:

10: I have a whole list of places that I want to travel to. I’ve been building it for as long as I can remember. This year I’m just doing it. I’m going to try and cross off at least one place every year.

11: I want a dog. Badly.
Unfortunately I have a serious lack of my own space right now and a lack of time (in my opinion) that it takes to properly care for any pet, let alone a dog.
I don’t have a preference really but I would gladly take home either of my friend Tina’s dogs.

12: I think the inside of my mind would be a scary place for anyone who isn’t me. I don’t know if it’s the writer in me, the journalism training or if it’s just because I’ve always had a really creative side to me but it’s like there is always a running commentary in there. It’s like I’m writing news stories and magazine articles about everything. In my head.

13: When I was in senior kindergarten I missed our class field trip to the zoo due to chicken pox. I was absolutely devastated and as I’ve gotten older I’ve developed a thing for zoos. I love visiting them whenever I can and now that the little dude is old enough to enjoy them I always have an excuse to go.

14: My favourite animal is the giraffe. There is no rhyme or reason for this. Just is.
They’re also the first thing I head for at the zoo even if I have to walk past everything else to get to them.

15: I’m a people watcher. I love it. I could sit at a coffee shop or on a bench at the mall and do it or hours I think. I love watching people interact with each other.

16: The first thing I ever studied in college was Journalism with a concentration in history and politics and the Spanish language for two years.
I can still understand written and spoken Spanish but I can’t speak it in any kind of complicated sentence. Other than my birthday. I can tell you when my birthday is.
And other, random 2-3 word sentences.

17: I don’t give out my number unless it’s for business. Ever. I can list any and all of the rare exceptions to that rule.
Not because I’m not a friendly person but because I really hate talking on the phone.
A lot.

18: My phone annoys me with it’s beeping and high pitched ring tones so the sound is always turned off. Always.
Unlike the phone number rule there are no exceptions.
Vibrate only.
Along with that is the computer. The sound is always off unless I’m listening to music or watching something on it.

19: I play Texas Hold’Em every couple of weeks with a handful of my guy friends.
Every time, they believe I’m still learning and I clean them out about 70% of the time.
I use being a girl to my advantage – since they think women can’t quite catch on to the whole poker thing.

20: Exactly a year and a month ago I was mugged after dropping the little dude off at the babysitter, between the front door of her house and my car. I chased after that A-hole with every intention of kicking his ass until I got about halfway down an alley and realized it was possible he could have some kind of weapon.
I never recovered my purse, cellphone or the irreplaceable baby photos of the little dude that were in my wallet.
I still have nightmares about it occasionally.

21: I don’t really believe in organized religion as much as I believe in spirituality, however when I first moved to Ottawa, quit my job and started freaking out over figuring out what the heck I was doing I started to go to the church around the corner from the little dude’s daycare every day after I dropped him off so I could pray.
I needed a sign or something and it was the only avenue I hadn’t tried.
It wasn’t even my denomination.

22: I used to do the crosswords in two different papers everyday on the commute to my internship. Now I do them once a week if I’m lucky.

23: Picking up those newspapers the weekend after all of my guys deployed to Afghanistan last year gave me a panic attack on my commute into work.
Right on the front page was a story about one of the local soldiers who’d been killed on foot patrol and the name was withheld. The only thing it mentioned was the base he was from, where he had been and that he’d only been there a few days.
Some of them are injured – one with a broken back, one missing both of his legs and lots of other injuries but they all came home alive and that’s something to be very thankful for.
BONUS FACT: I almost punched one of my classmates during a heated “disagreement” over the soldiers deployed overseas. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but when you present it in an ignorant, disrespectful, and hateful way, the lesson you will learn is that someone is going to try to punch you in the face.
BONUS, BONUS FACT: Later that night I DID punch someone in the face when we were out at the bar. He was making similar idiotic comments and I was still riled up from earlier. Lesson: if you piss off someone who is already pissed off, you WILL get punched in the face.
Side note: I’m really not a violent person, I swear.

24: My parents couldn’t agree on a name for me. Nicole was what they settled on.
Just think, I could have been an Aurora.
And named after the brand of mattress my mom slept on.
Whoever vetoed that, I thank them.

25: It actually took me the entire 4 hours to write all of that. We are pulling into the station in about 30 seconds. It only takes me half an hour to write a regular blog post.


7 thoughts on “25 Random Facts About Me: Blog Fodder

  1. I love this kind of thing. I think it helps us understand people so much better. And I’m pretty sure I like you just a little bit more with everything you write. And I liked you a lot to begin with!

  2. This was a good post to learn more about you. A mugging must be so terrifying. You were wise to trust your instinct with the alley. I’m gonna let the Starbucks issue slide for now because I fear you might drop kick me off a cliff. Enjoy your weekend.

    • It really was terrifying. It still bothers me too.

      As for the Starbucks coffee thing, to be fair I have only tried a few different kinds and never found one that I liked. So instead I just order a latte of some kind.
      I love everything else about Starbucks though! lol

      • In all fairness, I’m not a black coffee person myself. I love the smell of fresh ground beans, but I need to have boatloads of sugar in my coffee.

        I am sure something like a mugging still bothers you. Hopefully someday you won’t be haunt by bad memories associated with it. I would really struggle getting over something such as a mugging.

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