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getting fit and feeling good.

In all honesty this post doesn’t really have a point other than occupying my time since I kind of just felt like writing anything.

That and I’ve had a couple good days of workouts in a row and I’m feeling pretty good about it.

I’ve been getting to the gym regularly and on days when I can’t make it there I make sure to get at least a quick workout in at home. Sometimes I’ll pop the 30-day shred in and other times I’ll visit my favourite workout blog/internet show. I’m nowhere near as fit as Zuzana or the other readers at her site but I put up a pretty good fight and I at least make a wholehearted attempt at it.

Yesterday I did her New 300 Rep Workout (minus the pull-ups only because I don’t have a bar and couldn’t figure out an adequate substitute) and I kicked ass at it. Just saying.
And I’ve felt amazing ever since.

I’m pretty sure that in the two years that I’ve had my gym membership and yoga studio membership, other than the hot power yoga classes, I’ve never felt that good after a workout and it’s really been stuck in my mind for the last two days.
It’s strange – it was almost emotionally cleansing.

I love that feeling.

While I was showering afterwards I was reflecting on just how amazing I felt and how over the last two years I’ve kind of lost sight of what my goals had been in the beginning when I first started working out – for the last little while I’ve felt like my motivation was minimal and like I was just phoning it in at the gym, through the cardio and the weight training.
Almost like I was just going through the motions when I’d get there.

Now it’s my energy lift for the day. I’d rather workout for an hour than have a coffee to start my day. I love the way I’ve been feeling the last few weeks and how I’ve felt about myself and my body.

I remember sitting down with JME talking about what my expectations were and what I was hoping to achieve.
I didn’t want to set ridiculously high goals for myself that were going to be impossible to achieve and I didn’t want to lose sight of the bigger picture: I wanted to feel fit and healthier. I wanted to be a good example for my son.

We were discussing what our “one thing” that we specifically wanted to achieve and for him it was a specific deadlift weight and for me all I wanted was a toned back. That’s it – no 6 pack of abs or buns of steel for me. I just wanted a sculpted back.
I think it stems from so many years of having this Pink Floyd poster plastered on my wall.

Or maybe not. I don’t know.
I just remember thinking about how sexy these women were. And you couldn’t even see (most of) their faces or even their naughty bits.
To me it was all about the smooth and fluid lines of their backs – what it implied and led your mind to think and I thought that was super hot.
That. Was what I wanted.
The muscular but feminine definition down the middle of the back, sculpted shoulders and the defined dimples on the lower back.

I have a friend that flexes every time he walks past a mirror and I tease him endlessly about it but I have to admit that when I’m at home, getting into or maybe out of the shower I’ll always stop and take a quick look to see if I’m there yet.

That was what I was aiming for and it still is.
I’m making progress and while I’m not exactly where I pictured I would be two years ago, I’m happy.
I’m working on it and I’m feeling really good about it.

It's a lot harder to take a picture of your own back than you'd think. I worked pretty hard for this. Just saying.



4 thoughts on “getting fit and feeling good.

  1. I love that poster … I’ve never seen it before! It’s hard to stay motivated to go to the gym so good for you for hanging out. I’m a gonna be checkin’ out that website for sure.

  2. You really should be happy about the exercis and getting in shape. It feels awesome. Nothing wrong with flaunting it if you feel good about yourself. I need to get into more normal running exercises. Thanks for the blog visit today.

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