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Motivation and Accountability.

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I’ve taken on a new project of sorts this week.
My good friend is getting married in January on a cruise ship in the Caribbean and she’s asked me to stand in her bridal party and write a speech since I introduced her and her fiance.

She’s been feeling really down in the last little while – she’s gained some weight since she and her fiance moved in together two years ago and gone up 6 dress sizes. She feels really insecure about it because she feels pretty unattractive (she’s beautiful, trust me) and she feels uncomfortable in her own body.

It started out as comfort eating, from what I can tell, as everybody around us moved on into different directions in life and she started to feel alone she would start to eat more to compensate what she felt like she was missing out on. I can totally understand what she means, when I moved to Ottawa I didn’t know anybody. It is a lot harder to move and develop friendships as an adult than it is when you’re young, single, childless and in college.

Things have been amazing for the last few weeks since we’ve reconnected and I think we’ve been and will be really great for each other. It’s definitely lessened the stress in other aspects of our lives and I know that I’m happier now that I finally have a girlfriend to meet for coffee and bitch and vent to!
Things make so much more sense when somebody else has been through it all and can provide a different perspective on things.

Getting back to our project, our plan is to motivate each other to get to the gym for a workout together on weekdays, since I work at home and she’s at home alone all day while her fiance is working and the little dude absolutely loves the daycare at the gym. I make myself go almost 5 days a week as it is but planning to get to the gym every morning together makes each of us accountable to the other and means that we can’t just hit snooze at 7 am when we wake up exhausted and it would be easy to justify sleeping in and “forgetting” or talking ourselves out of going.

We have goals and we are excited to get out and accomplish them together. It means not only do we get to socialize with each other every morning but we aren’t wasting the $40/month we are spending on the gym and we are going to look super hot in our bikinis next year!

Plus you can’t deny the many other benefits of ensuring you get a good and healthy workout in on a regular basis. The endorphins alone are a major morale boost, coupled with the self confidence lift and overall physical well-being.
I’m certain that doing this together will make both of us feel a million times better about how things in our lives are playing out and give each of us that extra little boost that we seem to need lately.

There’s definitely something to be said about being held accountable to someone else. In this case it happens to be a motivation of major proportions and I’m looking forward to seeing how well we do!


5 thoughts on “Motivation and Accountability.

  1. I once read somewhere that it takes 3 months for the body to begin to crave or become addicted to working out. I’m on month six of regular running and I can attest to that theory – so hang in there if you hit a wall. I look at recent photos of myself and am so happy I’ve stuck with it! Good luck!

  2. I’m beginning to get addicted like msbrookie said. You can do it! It sucks at first, but just keep the end goal in sight. Good luck! 🙂

  3. This is exactly how I started to work out: with a single mom friend. We joined the gym together, met a few evenings a week with our kids…. and YEAH! I has felt really good. We’ve just entered year 3. BRAVO to you two.

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