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what is in a name.

Although I’ve technically and officially been on a blogging
hiatus for a while now, I have found myself throughout the past
year being drawn back into it. The problem was that I would set out
with a specific purpose in mind and could not get past it. “This is
my workout blog.” “This is my single parenting blog.” Once I gave
them titles and labels – a purpose – I was stuck. I was stuck
trying to fit what I needed to write into the mould of what I had
decided to write. Does that make sense? Not surprisingly those
blogs fizzled out fast, I don’t think there were 10 posts in them
collectively. I didn’t really feel like I was writing from the
heart, I suppose. Not that I don’t want to write about my (mostly)
healthy eating habits, how great it feels to be getting to the gym
regularly and the many, many, ups and downs of being a single mom
but once I had compartmentalized different aspects of my life into
different blogs, they just didn’t feel like me anymore. So when I
sat down on the dawn of a new year and decided that I was, once
again, going to jump right back into blogging I have to admit that
I wasn’t feeling very optimistic about it but I had thoughts and
things that I needed to get out there and not bottled up inside of
me. This time I was determined to just write a life blog. It didn’t
need to be about anything. I was pleasantly
surprised. Although my first few posts were a little wordy, perhaps
rambly, it was like I was hooked again. I have literally blogged
every single day since I’ve started and I haven’t felt this much
enthusiasm for it in such a long time. It’s refreshing. For the
first time in well over a year I have posts waiting to be published
at the right time and so much to say – so I guess my blogging block
has moved on to plague somebody else. I’ve touched on part of what
brought me back to the blogosphere, although I’m sure it was
rambly, confusing and overloaded with way too much information but
there is a second part to that post (which may be broken down into
a third) that I’m sure I will publish in the near-ish future that I
think might shed a little bit of light onto all of that. I’m just
not quite ready to share it yet. While I don’t have anything
exponentially great to write here tonight, I just wanted to share
the satisfaction that I’ve been feeling with blogging, even though
it’s only been a few days. So, there you have it.


4 thoughts on “what is in a name.

  1. thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere.
    as a fellow mom of a three yr old, i imagine we’ll have lots to
    share. welcome back to bloggind and i look forward to seeing how
    your life unrolls along side mine.

  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I felt the same way when I started blogging. I thought I needed a specific focus. I even tried to change it several times. But it all felt fake and not from the heart. Then I just started writing whatever came to mind. More people can identify with that, and I really felt like they were seeing the real me. I so get this. Keep doing you. I love your blog!

  3. I too had another blog about five years ago and ended up abandoning it because of pressure. Pressure from myself to have a “theme” and to write what people wanted to read. Now my mindset is more open. I started my new one only a couple of months ago, and while I started it in order to connect with other people going through a divorce and separation, I find I have so many other things in common with the new bloggy friends I have discovered. So now I just write about anything that inspires me. I’m excited to carry on with you!

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